Revitalising & Renewing Face Gel-Cream

Renewing and Replenishing



A lightweight face gel-cream empowered to supply satisfying moisture and vitality for your dewy complexion, and helps renew delicate skin. HY+3 Aqua-Channeling Factor and ceramide quench and restore moisture to skin. Regenerating Mineral Complex provides trace elements and minerals, skin glows with supple moisture. Specially developed with Shining-Nutri Complex™ and antioxidating Korean Pomegranate extract, it helps revitalise and supply nutrients to improve skin radiance for vivid and healthy complexion. Coupled with Marine Exopolysaccharide and award-winning Melavoid™, it helps promote skin renewal and improve skin dullness. Fast absorption without greasy sensation. Continuous application perfectly revitalises skin with crystal-charisma complexion.


Apply desired amount onto face and neck after cleansing and toning in day and night time.

The products and product claims are for HK market only. Photos for reference only.