Moisturising Facial Toner – Balancing

Balancing, Moisturising and Refreshing

HK$ 320


The balancing and moisturising formula is perfectly suitable for normal to oily skin. HY+3 Aqua-Channeling Factor actively replenishes and balances moisture to leave your skin clean, refreshed and hydrated. The rich Regenerating Mineral Complex can comprehensively refresh skin by providing minerals to rehydrate and comfort your skin. Enriched with Trehalose, it helps retain the natural structure of skin by protecting skin from dryness. Continuous application refreshes and refines cleansed skin with crystal-moist complexion.

Dermatologically Tested & Proven


After cleansing, pour into a cotton pad and gently wipe it over your face and neck in day and night time. And then follow with day or night skincare.

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