• Brand Story

    CRYSTAL MOIST adheres to the integration of nature
    and technology, bringing women the remarkable and leading mineral
    skincare therapy, powered by nutrient-rich deep ocean water and
    mineral complex to grant skin with ultimate hydration from within.
    We provide comprehensive ranges to address core skin needs with quality and reliable formulations

  • Brand Values


    • Quality & unique formula to address skin needs
    • Dermatologically tested & proven*
    • Made in Korea*


    • Innovative concepts
    • Passion for women’s beauty
    • Affordable prices


    • Beauty from within
    • Perfect combination of nature and science

  • Formulation

    • HY+3 Aqua-Channeling Factor(with Korean deep ocean water)
    • Regenerating Mineral Complex
    • Perfect-Hydration 24 Complex

    Combining the science of these core elements with the ingredient from nature to perform ultimate skin benefits.

    Dermatologically Tested & Proven*

*Exception on the ranges launched in Mannings China